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One-on-One Personalized support in sophrology

I help all motivated and committed people in achieving their goals and I establish tailor-made sophrology protocols. Whatever your problem, I can help you maintain balance by helping you to overcome those moments in life that can, sometimes, be complicated.

  • My One-Shot Sessions allow me to address an identified, simple and precise problem.
  • My Individual, tailor-made Sessions will help you to achieve a goal defined during our first meeting.
  • My workplace support aims at both employees and managers and take place in the form of group workshops, (or one-on-one sessions) with an objective determined beforehand.
  • My group sessions take place in the form of workshops on a specific, pre-determined subject. They are aimed at schools, colleges and senior citizens’ homes.
  • Other support can also be considered.

Expected Benefits

  • Find or regain a better life balance by promoting a higher level of well-being.
  • Develop your potential by becoming aware of your abilities.
  • Regain vitality.
  • To better manage one’s emotions and daily pains

The sophrologist and client are bound in a relation of confidence by a moral engagement established by the sophrologist and accepted by the client, it is the therapeutic contract.

I will thus expose to you the means used (the method and the exercises), the practical methods (duration of the course of therapy, intention of the sessions, place of the sessions, pricing, etc.), my engagements (respect of the code of deontology which governs Sophrology: confidentiality, compassion, non-judgment, respect, humility, punctuality, etc.) and yours (your training, punctuality, etc.)

Between 8 and 12 sessions are required to complete a course of therapy. With one session a week, it will therefore take between 2 to 3 months to complete the therapy.

However, it is possible to shorten the duration by spacing the sessions over 4 days for example, as practice time is needed. The price will then be adapted accordingly. Do not hesitate to consult me in case of a short deadline.

Sophrology is not reimbursed by the Social Security, but it can however be covered by certain complementary insurance companies. I invite you to ask your insurance company.